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                  CHINA >> Society

                  Update: Asymptomatic patient in Tianjin identified as new confirmed case, bringing total to 139

                  North China's Tianjin Municipality identified a new confirmed case of COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing the total to 139. The patient is a cargo driver, who was diagnosed as asymptomatic on Monday and linked to the latest outbreak in a local frozen food warehouse, the People's Daily reported.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/11 15:50:25

                  China sets up international anti-corruption network, signs treaties with 81 countries

                  China has set up a preliminary anti-corruption cooperation network to track down fugitives at large in all continents and key countries. China has established 169 extradition treaties and mutual legal assistance treaties with 81 countries as of November, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China's top disciplinary watchdog. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and escalating tensions in international relations, China's international anti-corruption efforts have never stopped. From January to August 2020, a total of 799 fugitives were caught under the “Sky Net 2020” operation, China News reported.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/11 15:13:03

                  China's top legislature sets constitutional structure for disqualifying unpatriotic LegCo lawmakers

                  China's top legislature sets constitutional structure for disqualifying unpatriotic LegCo lawmakers
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/11 12:59:11

                  Xi stresses comprehensively raising Peaceful China levels

                  Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged efforts to comprehensively promote the implementation of the Peaceful China initiative.
                  Source: Xinhua | 2020/11/11 12:57:01

                  China, EU hold dialogue on people-to-people exchanges

                  China and the European Union (EU) agreed Tuesday to make productive use of the people-to-people dialogue mechanism to inject new impetus into bilateral ties.
                  Source: Xinhua | 2020/11/11 9:17:13

                  Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

                  Latest in battle against coronavirus
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/1/22 21:15:00

                  Don't let sporadic cases affect normal operation in China: Zhang Wenhong

                  The world is watching Shanghai, said Zhang Wenhong, China's leading infectious disease specialist and head of the Shanghai COVID-19 medical team, on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo after a new COVID-19 case was reported in the city, causing concern of a resurgence of the pandemic.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/11 2:21:17

                  Chinese leading vaccine developer accelerates research for treating COVID19 lung fibrosis

                  Prominent Chinese coronavirus vaccine developer Chen Wei is now accelerating the development of antibodies to treat people suffering from COVID-19, which are expected to enter clinical trials soon.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/11 0:08:12

                  Unswept streets become new tourist hit in Shanghai

                  A number of streets in Shanghai covered with fallen leaves have been left unswept so that residents and tourists can admire the beautiful autumn scene, KNEWS reported on Monday.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 23:46:04

                  Old man finds 'corpse' in mountain, turns out to be inflatable doll

                  Local police in Qujing, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, dispatched to a mountain after an old man reported finding a "rotting corpse" there, discovered that it was actually an inflatable doll, Pear Video reported on Monday.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 23:40:18

                  Woman divorces 28 times in exchange for Beijing license plates as police crack down on illegal transfers

                  Beijing police have announced a crackdown on illegal transfers of license plates after a woman was found to have divorced 28 times to obtain Beijing plates, stunning netizens on China's social media platforms.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 23:34:07

                  US supports separatism in rivals, upholds territorial integrity in allies: report

                  The US has provided support to separatist forces in China's Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong using the excuse of human rights, religion, democracy and freedom, showing double standards with regard to secessionism - supporting the territorial integrity and unification of its allies while backing secessionist movements in its rivals or adversaries, according to a report released by a Chinese university on Tuesday.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 22:20:43

                  'Humblebrag' named as Versailles-style word, goes viral on Chinese social media platform

                  A competition of imitating Versailles-style words was launched on Sina Weibo on Tuesday. Chinese netizens took it as an amusement and jokingly make up their very own humblebrag words.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 22:03:40

                  China-developed exoskeletons to support patrol, logistics tasks in high-altitude region

                  Chinese scientists have recently developed an exoskeleton system specially designed for high-altitude regions, and the equipment is expected to conserve users' energy in tasks including patrol and logistics support.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 21:46:33

                  Rebuilding of the Old Summer Palace should be carefully argued: heritage authority

                  China's cultural heritage authority said the rebuilding of the Old Summer Palace, which was looted and destroyed by Anglo-French allied forces in 1860, should be carefully argued.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 21:38:07

                  Pfizer, Sinopharm vaccines show promise, virologists call for end to politicization of COVID-19 vaccine

                  US drug maker Pfizer said its mRNA vaccine candidate is more than 90 percent effective, while Sinopharm's inactivated vaccine showed 100 percent efficacy at one case in Mexico, both are promising results and have brought about hope of wider use in the fight against the coronavirus, experts said.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 20:43:41

                  Beijing to strictly manage travelers from medium- and high-risk areas amid Tianjin and Shanghai's anti-epidemic battle

                  Beijing has reported no new confirmed local COVID-19 cases for 95 consecutive days as of Monday, which stressed the need to strictly manage and control travelers from medium- and high-risk areas, after Tianjin and Shanghai reported several confirmed cases and raised the emergency alert in certain areas in the past few days.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 20:13:44

                  China unlikely to face second onslaught of COVID-19, despite flare-ups and winter: epidemiologists

                  Sporadic COVID-19 flare-ups in Chinese cities will not lead to a higher possibility of larger-scale outbreaks as winter approaches, said Chinese epidemiologists, after confirmed cases emerged in two Chinese cities in succession. However, experts urged countries where coronavirus is rife to strengthen checks on their goods, as cold weather provides a more suitable living environment for the virus, and many Western countries are again facing an onslaught of COVID-19.
                  Source: Global Times | 2020/11/10 19:18:40